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Food Space ?

Food Space ? December 11, 2017 | Lauriel Stewart

There are a lot of trends occurring right now in the “food space” entity. Many people reading this blog post may be asking themselves, what a “food space” entity is and why does it even matter? I would define a “food space” entity as the trends, flavors, insights, experiences, advancements, and culture that are associated with a specific food experience.

But why do these individual factors matter?

They matter because each component comes together at the right moment, in the precise ratio to create a food experience – and this experience – if carefully tailored and targeted – can be extremely beneficial to not only enhancing people’s food experience, but also improving their overall well being through nutrition advances and insight.

We eat to live – but some of us also want to live to eat.

So what are today’s nutrition advances and insight?

According to the Produce Marketing Association (PMA), the current consumer trends include the evolution of convenience, wellness as a status symbol, flavor, and customization with curation.

Each of these trends are inspired however, by the fact that consumers want to eat because a certain “food experience” tastes good, but also because they need to eat to survive – this is the base foundation that drives consumption, even if some food choices are purely just for fun – the nutritional aspect is always there regardless.

To enhance the understanding of these food trends and food choices, it is important to understand some of the trends that are going on in food based on nutritional aspects and insights.

Many consumers are craving a flavorful food item that is also nutritious and trendy. Currently “plant-based”, “gluten free”, “whole grains”, “organic”, etc. are used to appeal to consumers’ desires for a healthy and flavorful food experience.

When you eat better – you feel better

You are what you eat!

Numerous diet plans, workout coaches, dieticians, and nutritionists emphasize to their consumers and patrons that the key to weight loss is through the food they are eating combined with a healthy and balanced workout plan.

A common trend that is currently being discussed in the “food space” is using food as medicine or the use of nutraceuticals. Often times, many consumers are becoming sick or unhealthy because of their poor dietary choices that can lead to obesity, heart disease, and even diabetes. When these patients go to the doctor to seek medical attention, they often are prescribed pharmaceutical drugs which can offer a “temporary” fix to their problems. If they take the medicine they’re prescribed, but their habits that lead to their sickness are not changed, they can often have a relapse of the same systems occurring again.

In the food and nutrition space, holistic approaches to fixing diseases is becoming more and more popular as consumers are moving away from temporary fixes to their problems, as they search for a more fulfilling and natural approach.

One woman, Dr. Pamela Popper, is an amazing example of this. She has her own wellness clinic where she speaks to consumers about using food as a medicine.

She has also written a book entitled Food Over Medicine – The Conversation that Could Save Your Life by Pamela A. Popper, PhD, ND & Glen Merzer.

In this book, Dr. Popper provides consumers with amazing insight on how food can be utilized to cure the body of ailments through a holistic approach that reduces and/or even eliminates the risk of side effects and enhances the livelihood of those who follows her plan. She even offers certified courses to train others in teaching how food over medicine can be used to enhance lives in various communities who may not understand or appreciate how food can help or harm depending on how its consumed.

The future of nutrition insights and advancements is truly bright – and it appears that nutraceuticals are leading the way as one of newest trends for increasing livelihood as well as cultivating a better food experience!!

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