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Life Hacks for Vegans

Life Hacks for Vegans January 24, 2018 | Briana Gregory

Being vegan takes some planning! It doesn't have to be stressful, but sometimes it can be (especially for newbies). As a three-year vet, allow me to share five life hacks that have simplified things for me. 1. Some labels say "vegan" and sometimes you'll just have to scour the ingredient list to be sure your food doesn't contain animal products. Always read the ingredients, but if you glance at the nutrition facts first and see that the product has any cholesterol, that's a giveaway that it's not vegan! Only animal products contain cholesterol.

2.The first step to becoming vegan IS NOT cutting anything out of your diet. You should start your journey by learning to cook and cooking more often! If you get into this habit, the frequent cooking that's needed for a healthy vegan diet won't be so overwhelming.

3.Eating out can be stressful, but no worries! Many menu items can be veganized by omitting a few items, and if you ask, most chefs love the challenge of creating a new dish for you. Now THAT, is special treatment. :)

4.There are TONS of vegan ice cream options these days. If they aren't abundant where you live, most grocery stores have sorbet, which is usually vegan (not to be confused with sherbet, which usually is not vegan).

5. By law, 8 common allergens must be declared on labels of foods containing those items. Milk, eggs, milk, and shellfish are among those common items. So, if a food has a common allergen it has to be in bold and the label must clearly state "this product contains milk/eggs/etc." Which is very helpful when making sure an item is vegan! Still read the label to make sure the product does not contain gelatin, which is the boiled and condensed product of animal cartilage and bones.

Have fun and good luck on your new adventure!

Love, Bri <3  

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