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Meet Travelista, Nessa !

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

July 9, 2019 | Briana Gregory

It’s Travelista Tuesday! Sizije welcomes this month’s featured travelista, Nessa, who was raised in London, UK and currently resides there.  Sizije: Hi, Nessa! We are so happy to have you as this month’s Travelista Tuesday feature. Thank you for speaking with us. To start off, we always like to know our travelistas’ travel philosophy. How would you describe yours? Do you travel to see the world? Escape? Connect with those not like you? Nessa: I would say my philosophy is to go where your heart desires, where things inspire you. Go to a place that makes you happy. Don’t follow the crowd.

Sizije: We love that philosophy, it makes traveling meaningful. Speaking of meaning, what’s been the most insightful / life altering travel experience for you?

Nessa: The most life altering travel experience for me was a solo trip to Brazil, I was 19 and it was my first solo trip. It completely changed my outlook on travel. Before my trip, people kept telling me that Brazil was dangerous. During my time there, I only experienced kindness. It made me realize that some of the most generous people are the people who have the least. So I walked away with the insight that you can’t listen to what people say about you, others, and other situations, you have to have the experience and make your own observations of things.

Sizije: Wow! That is such solid insight to gain from a trip. As far as your trips go, what do you look for in a new destination? In a travel companion? Where are you off to next?

Nessa: My next trip is to Thailand in July 2019. In a travel companion, I look for people who are easy-going, relaxed, and spontaneous. As for new destinations, I love nature even though I’m a city girl. My goal for this year is to go to places that are green, the air feels different, and where they don’t speak English.

Sizije: It definitely sounds like you have all the keys for an exciting trip. In your travels, have you taken away any lessons that you have applied to your daily life?

Nessa: Yes, definitely. Be open to new cultures, you learn something new - being opened minded in daily life can bring you new opportunities. If you let fear stop you, you may never start.

Sizije: Those are awesome lessons, and so true. Speaking of lessons, I’m sure your traveling experiences have left you with advice for others, so do tell! What’s your best travel advice / tips?

Nessa: Similar to what I stated earlier, go to somewhere that makes you happy, don't travel just for the ‘gram. Also, try not to rush to see all the tourist attractions - you will get to know a city more by eating and walking where the locals do.

Sizije: Great tips. You mentioned our favorite word: EAT! So we’ve gotta know, what’s the best thing you’ve eaten during your travels? 

Nessa: Well I’m a Pescatarian, and I think the best was octopus creole curry. It was so tasty, spicy, and flavorful! 

Sizije: Interesting, and different! How about out of the box situations during traveling? What’s been your weirdest / most out of comfort zone travel experience?

Nessa: Usually I adjust really well to my travel environment. Last summer I did a solo trip to Croatia. I wanted to go to a mountain with a great view and private beach. But my phone died and I just got lost and followed my instinct on directions with a lot of trial and error. I was lost for 2 hours in the woods and it was getting dark. I learned that sometimes you have to trust your instincts.

Sizije: That definitely seems like an uncomfortable situation, but we love how you took a valuable lesson away from it! What’s been your favorite trip so far and why?

Nessa: My trio to Brazil in 2014 was amazing, I think or talk about it at least once a week. Also, Nigeria was nice and good to see Nigerian culture and heritage up close. 

Thank you so much Nessa for your time and for sharing your experiences with our readers! 

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