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Meet Travel Blogger and Travelista, Herisa Stanislaus!

Meet Travel Blogger and Travelista, Herisa Stanislaus! March 12, 2019 | Briana Gregory

Herisa, a Brooklyn, NY native, is audaciously exploring the world as an expat while living abroad in Madrid, Spain. She currently teaches and tutors English full time and has a background in Health Education and Public Health. Herisa, a creative and a spoken word artist, joins Sizije for travel talk as this month’s Travelista Tuesday feature. 

Chefchaouen (Blue City)

Sizije: We’re happy to have you as this month’s Travelista Tuesday feature! Thank you for joining us. To start, please tell us a bit about your travel philosophy. Is it to see the world? Escape? Connect with those not like you?

Herisa: My travel philosophy is to be open to experiences around the world. I want to broaden my horizons and ultimately have an interesting life. Not just staying in one place, and through that journey I want to connect with people. Essentially, what I want is to have a full experience of the world.

Santorini, Greece 

Sizije: We love that philosophy! What’s been the most insightful / life altering travel experience for you?

Herisa: Selling everything I own and moving to Spain. That was life altering and changed the trajectory of my life. I don’t consider it a deviation but another part of my journey. It definitely allowed me to remember other parts of myself and I enjoy being able to travel without getting time approved and so forth.

Athens, Greece 

Sizije: So speaking of being able to travel more freely, what do you look for in a new destination? In a travel companion? Where are you off to next?

Herisa: In a travel companion, I look for someone who is down for the cause, someone who is adventurous and open as well as flexible. As far as destinations go, overall, I like to pick places that I feel connected to. For example, my name is Egyptian so I have always felt connected to Egyptian culture and mythology. Therefore, visiting Egypt is my ultimate travel destination. I can’t wait to see the Nile River, Temples of Karnak and of course the Great Pyramids and Sphinx in person. I know it will be a phenomenal experience. I also select places that are affordable.

Venice, Italy 

Sizije: Awesome! We specialize in food and travel, so we have to ask: what’s the best thing you’ve eaten during your travels? 

Herisa: I’m Caribbean (my dad is from Grenada and mom is from Panama) so I love foods that utilize delicious seasoning. My favorite dish is Caribbean Curry Chicken and Rice and Peas but I haven’t found a restaurant in Madrid that serves it. The closest I’ve come was at a Surinamese restaurant in Amsterdam that made a really good Chicken Curry Roti. My favorite dishes here in Spain are Tortilla de Patatas, Croquettes, Paella, Huevos Rotos con Jamon and Patatas Bravas.

Sizije: All of that sounds delicious! What’s been your weirdest/ most out of comfort zone travel experience?

Sahara Desert 

Herisa: My comfort zone is pretty large and I am a very adventurous person. My travel philosophy is to have a positive experience so I always enjoy my trips. The most unique experience was when I went to Morocco on this group tour and we became so close we were like family. Initially, the trip could’ve been a nightmare but it was such a blessing. Normally, I would never do large group trips but they made it very intimate with smaller groups within a big group. The people I was traveling with were a blessing and enriched my experience. I’ve traveled with 1 person or 5 people and now one hundred. I’ve traveled every way you could think of.

Sizije: Would you say the Morocco trip has been your favorite trip? 

Herisa: Yes, my favorite trip was Morocco especially in terms of uniqueness. The trip will always have a positive feeling for me.

 Madrid, Spain

Sizije: One great thing about traveling is connecting with people. Have you met many people on your travels that you keep in touch with?

Herisa: Yes, I keep in touch with some of the people I have met in Morocco. I’ve met people in Madrid, and I met up with a friend of a friend and hung out with her in Prague. I also made a friend in Rome who studied abroad in Budapest, so I visited her in Budapest. And I have met great people during group hostel activities when I travel solo.

Sizije: It seems like you certainly go for the full experience! We appreciate you speaking

with us and allowing us to feature you! 

Be sure to follow Herisa's journey by checking out her Instagram!

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