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Meet Travel Blogger and Travelista, Sierra Gray

Meet Travel Blogger and Travelista, Sierra Gray February 5, 2019 | Briana Gregory

Sierra Gray, a Tuskegee alumna, former Miss Tuskegee, current graduate student and Travelista, writer behind the Travel blog, The Peak, shares a few of her travel thoughts with us at Sizije for our Travelista Tuesday highlight.

Sizije: Hi Sierra! First off, what’s your travel philosophy? Is it to see the world? Escape? Connect with those not like you?

Sierra: My travel philosophy is mainly to learn about other cultures. I lived in Alabama my whole life. It’s just interesting to see the world in another way and appreciate different places for how they are different and similar to what I’ve been used to.

Sizije: So what do you look for in a new destination? In a travel companion? Where are you off to next?

Sierra: I’m very open to the point where I let the destination choose me. I’m still a graduate student so If there is a flight deal – then the trip is for me (LOL!). Travel companions vary, overall they just need to be open to new experiences. Next, I am going to Spain in March. Both Barcelona and Madrid.

Sizije: Nice! What lessons have you learned from your travels that you have applied to your daily life?

Sierra: Traveling has really taught me that it will all work out; meaning, I used to be a little less carefree and through travel I have learned to calm down a bit and just ride it out. Everything is going to be fine. I took a solo trip to Paris and got lost, my phone wasn’t working and I couldn’t put in the address to where I was going. So I got this map and tried to find the street and decided to walk a block, and did that a few times. I kind of gave up and came back around the block and randomly found a Wi-Fi spot. I wasn’t panicked but definitely concerned but in the end it all worked out.

Sizije: Along the way, we’re sure you’ve picked up some tips / advice for others. Please share!

Sierra: Mobile passport is very helpful– this allows for you to come back to the states In an expedited way. It creates the ticket for you. Also, try to get outside of the touristy areas in order to get an authentic experience. I want to know where the local spots are. Where is the coop is wherever I’m going? (The coop is a local chicken joint in my hometown). Another thing I’ve learned is that a digital scale for your luggage is useful for making sure you don’t overpack. And for the airport I recommend wearing your college apparel – you never know the connections just because of your alma mater. Upgrades are not off limits! Lastly, make use of Google translate and be sure that if they speak a different language where you’re headed, to download the language before you leave. If you hold it up it will translate live without wifi.

Sizije: Thanks for all your advice! What’s the best thing you’ve eaten during your travels?

Sierra: I attended a cooking class in Bangkok, Thailand, where we made homemade mango sticky rice. Mango is my favorite fruit so I really enjoyed that. We also made Tomyum soup, which is a traditional Thai soup. The whole experience was great and I was really excited about participating. It was even more special because we made it.

Sizije: Cool! To wrap up, tell us your favorite trip so far and why. Sierra: My favorite trip so far was definitely Iceland. One, because I never thought I would really want to travel somewhere that was cold. It was truly breathtaking, It really just looked like you were on a different planet. One thing the trip did for me was open my mind up to different travel destinations and activities. After that trip I would definitely want to learn how to snowboard and ski. Thank you Sierra for being featured on Travelista Tuesday’s! IG: @Sierragray Blog:

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