What is The Sizije Foundation?

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The Sizije Foundation is our nonprofit organization that has a mission to empower the modern-day student traveler through financial, social and global resources. Through initiatives such as the #passport project, #myfirststamp as well as our study abroad scholarships, our foundation is here to make travel more accessible to marginalized student communities.

Meet Our Student Ambassadors

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Since its inception, the core of who Sizije is as a brand has always included philanthropic efforts. The Foundation is a result of Sizije founder, Jhaelynn Elam’s, passion to serve historically under-represented college students and to empower them to pursue global experiences during their collegiate career. 


In 2019, The Institute of International Education’s Open Doors U.S. Study Abroad report revealed that of the total number of US students abroad 70% percent of them identified as White compared to 6.1% identifying as Black. 


Our hope is that we can begin to close the gap for students of color pursuing study abroad experiences. The Sizije Foundation’s  three-prong strategy includes making intentional connections with students across the country,  providing financial assistance for global experiences, and cultivating a global community of empowered student travelers.

We are excited to officially launch the Passport Project later this year, which is the Foundation’s signature funding initiative. By investing in a Sizije led trip experience,  
a portion of your total costs will help to support a college student in taking the first step towards their global endeavors-obtaining a passport.


What is the Passport Project? 


The Passport Project

We are continuously looking practical ways for Sizije to cultivate a legacy of sustained local and global impact. One of the initiatives we have discussed in detail has been a passport initiative that would directly support students of color who are interested in participating in study abroad experiences at their respective universities. For every traveler that invests in a trip with us, we will invest in offsetting the passport cost for a student of color who is ready to take their next steps in becoming a more globally minded scholar.

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